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Parish Ministries and Contacts

Contact our Church office to learn more about our many ministries.

Bible Study

Spanish Bible study organized by Maria Rivera.

Girl Scouts

For girls ages 8 to 13 years-old. It is a great way for moms and daughters to spend quality time together. Contact Marie Garcia.


We have excellent choirs at 7:00 AM Mass (Spanish), 9:00 AM (English), 10:45 AM (Spanish), and 12:30 PM (Spanish). We welcome your voice and musical talent. The Choir is led by: Ruben Vasquez at 7:00 AM, Lola Loudd at 9:00 AM, Jose Sandoval at 10:45 AM, and Olga Galicia at 12:30 PM.

Confirmation Program

Young people who are in high school (9th & 10th Grades) spend two years preparing to receive the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of Confirmation.

Eucharistic Ministers

Serve the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass. They are also called to bring Jesus to others in their day to day lives. Led by Marjorie Harvey (English) and Miguel Ortiz (Spanish).

Finance Council

This group oversees the budget of the parish and school and is called to make sure that the pastor is a good steward of the resources of the parish. The Chairperson is Bernice Chapman.

Group Wedding

This group is for couples who are in civil unions or living together who wish to receive the blessing of God in the sacrament of marriage. Couples are helped to renew their love for each other and for Jesus.

Health Program

There are exercise classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Proclaim the scriptures at the Mass. They are called to proclaim the scriptures but also to be transformed by them.

Liturgy Committee

This group meets to plan and organize our Sunday Mass and special liturgies. The Chair is Lola Loudd.

Men’s Group

The men’s group is a support group to help men live in a more Christ-like manner and to become better fathers, husbands, and leaders in our community. This group meets Monday & Friday nights from 7-9 PM. The leader is Pablo Serrato.

Ministers to the Sick

The Ministers to the Sick visit and aid people who are sick or house-bound due to illness or old age. Contact the Parish Office.

Neighborhood Security

This group works to organize the neighborhood to make it a safer place for families. They hold house meetings and organize monthly meetings with the Los Angeles Police Department and Sheriff’s department. 

Novenario for Our Lady of Guadalupe

Every December people gather from neighborhoods all around the parish to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe in backyards and living rooms. Mary the mother of Jesus transforms families and brings us closer to each other. Each year parishioners talk about community problems and renew their efforts to make our neighborhoods safer and friendlier places.

Parish Security Team

These men take turns every evening of the week and Sunday mornings to open and close buildings for parish activities, to make sure that children and adults are safe while they are on the premises, and to guide visitors to meeting areas.

Pastoral Council

The Council meets to advise the pastor on the vision and direction of the parish and bring their insights and expertise to help the parish thrive.

Prayer Groups

This group gathers weekly to praise God with music and song and helps people experience the loving power of God in their lives. The Koinonia Prayer Group meets Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.


Prepares adults to receive the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, and Confirmation.


During Lent people gather in the neighborhood to meditate the Stations of the Cross in each home. On Good Friday they present a living Viacrusis through the streets of the neighborhood to the church.

Whole Community Catechesis

Whole Community Catechesis brings families closer to Jesus as well as preparing children for sacraments of confession and Holy Communion. We want to make Sacramental preparation an experience of evangelization and catechesis for the entire family. They meet Tuesdays from 5:30 – 6:30 PM, Fridays from 6:15 – 8:15 PM, and Saturdays from 9:00 – 11:00 AM. The Director of Religious Education is Sister Luz Dari Villera.


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Please call the Rectory

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