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Dear principal, teachers, parents and students:

Education is important for our life.  We embrace the present by learning and growing from the past.  We better the future by taking full advantage of opportunities to learn in the present.  It is not sufficient for us to study, to acquire knowledge and to get good grades.  A wise person needs to observe and to learn how to put what he/she has gained in knowledge into practice in his/her daily life.

It is a great joy and blessing for me to be here at St. Michael’s Parish School Community. St. Michael’s School has blessed this community with its presence since 1903.  The face of our social community has changed over the years due to social and political events. Nevertheless, St. Michael’s Parish and School remained steadfast in its witness of faith in facts and in actions. Through the ups and downs of the changes of time, St. Michael’s Parish and School continue to serve as a beacon of hope to those who look for a sense of belonging, purpose and reason.

St. Michael’s School strives to provide our students with a faith-filled environment so as to offer them a balanced formation of faith, academics and life skills.  Through a Catholic education, St. Michael’s aims to provide students with the necessary skills to pursue higher education and eventually become faith filled and morally upright future leaders of our society. 

To achieve this goal, I have to thank the dedication of our principal, teachers and staff.  We can accomplish all of this for our students because they carry out this task with commitment and much love.  However, none of this would be possible without the sacrifice and commitment that parents have undertaken in order to provide a good Catholic education for your children.  For all of this, I am grateful to each and every one of you: principal, teachers, parents, and students.

Let us ask the Lord to accompany us in our journey so that we may walk together and grow together this academic year. 

I would like to ask you to pray for me and be assured of my prayers for you.

God bless you,

Rev. Peter Thang C. Ngo



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Please call the Rectory

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Rev. Peter Thang C. Ngo, J.C.L.

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Rev. Javier Jara-Ramos
Associate Pastor