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Third Grade Homeroom & Science & Social Studies (Gr. 3rd-5th)

Ms. Briceño

Hello, my name is Ms. Briceño and I am the Science & Social Studies teacher and the third grade homeroom teacher. This is my fourth year at St. Michael’s.

I was raised in Pasadena. From an early age, my interests ranged from becoming a musician to eventually becoming a scientist. Having been raised close to the California Institute of Technology, my enthusiasm for the sciences only continued to grow. One of my first memories of childhood was looking for any rocks I thought interesting and starting a vast collection of minerals that is still growing today. In middle school, I joined my school’s orchestra as a violinist. My skills with the violin encouraged me to pursue the arts and in high school I joined the marching band. Having the confidence to grow in the arts, I also honed my physical skills with color guard. I became co-captain of my school’s color guard team and discovered my desire to lead and bring out the best in my team.

I attended the University of Santa Cruz where I received my B.S. in Earth Sciences. I also have my teaching credential and Masters in Education from LMU. While in undergrad, I was given another opportunity to be in the position of an educator as a Teacher’s Assistant for an introductory Earth Science course. This experience solidified my desire to teach and following this experience I sought to gain additional experience by tutoring and interning for Sacred Heart High School in Los Angeles. While tutoring at Sacred Heart High School I was inspired to become an educator in Catholic schools in the hopes to instill future generations with a love of learning the sciences accompanied by strong moral ethics and spirituality. Please feel free to email me via the Contact Staff & Faculty Page.


“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”

-Carl Sagan