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Veritas & Cade Memorial Scholarships

Each year, the Principal selects one seventh grade student to compete for these scholarships. The nominated student exemplifies the qualities (respect for others, leadership ability, and a love for learning) of the Dominican Sisters for which these scholarships are named, Sister Mary Thomas Veritas and Sister Renilde Cade. One student out of the eight Vision of Hope school nominees will win the Veritas Scholarship while the other seven students will receive a Cade Scholarship. Students who win the scholarships are awarded $1,500 in tuition assistance. 

2014 Cade/Veritas Scholar: Laura Luis

2015 Cade/Veritas Scholar: Darline Guerrero

2016 Cade/Veritas Scholar: Valerie Perez

2017 Cade/Veritas Scholar: Francisco Verduzco

2018 Cade/Veritas Scholar: Ramon Galvez

2019 Cade/Veritas Scholar: Kenya Sarabia

2020 Cade/Veritas Scholar: Emelyn Alvarado

2021 Cade/Veritas Scholar: Jacqueline Reynaga

Sister John Martin Fixa Memorial Scholarship

The Principal nominates a sixth grade student who embodies the qualities of Sister Johnnie, which include academic performance, school leadership, positive relationships with others, and the Christian virtues of: kindness, humility, dedication, joy, and compassion. One student is nominated from each of the eight Vision of Hope schools and only two students will receive scholarships of $1,500 for tuition assistance.

2017 Sister Johnnie Scholar: Ximena Donato

2018 Sister Johnnie Scholar: Esmeralda Sandoval

2019 Sister Johnnie Scholar: Jade Martinez

2020 Sister Johnnie Scholar: Faith Ruiz

2021 Sister Johnnie Scholar: Victor Galvez

Holstein Scholarship

Each year the Dominican Sisters Vision of Hope awards the Robert M. Holstein, Jr. Memorial Scholarship to two eighth grade students who carry on Mr. Holstein’s legacy of being a person for others (concern for social justice, compassion, and service to others). The Holstein Scholars receive a $1,500 tuition scholarship for their eighth grade year and their names are immortalized on a plaque that hangs in the main hallway at St. Michael’s School. This scholar is selected by the Principal.

2013-2014 Holstein Scholars: Felicidad Perez & Elizabeth Reyes

2014-2015 Holstein Scholars: Ana Lara & Giselle Zamora

2015-2016 Holstein Scholars: Paola Gonzalez & Kenneth Granados

2016-2017 Holstein Scholars: Briana Chacon & Aliss Contreras

2017-2018 Holstein Scholars: Gisselle Villanueva & Jose Robles

2018-2019 Holstein Scholars: Marissa Garcia & Abby Gonzalez

2019-2020 Holstein Scholars: Esmeralda Sandoval & Hector Sandoval

2020-2021 Holstein Scholars: Christopher Kim & Jacqueline Sanchez

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