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Mission Statement

The mission of the Alumni Association of St. Michael’s School is to encourage the support and involvement of the school community.

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Alumni Prayer

Dear Lord, we implore You to give us a proper sense of love, reverence, and respect for our Alma Mater, St. Michael’s Catholic School. We ask that You give us the will to represent him, displaying the highest degree of personal integrity that displays our morals and virtues which St. Michael has taught and stood for so many years.

We ask that You will continue to let your light shine upon St. Michael’s School, so that it may continue to be an oasis to so many deserving children. Grant that those who teach there, and those who learn there, may find You to be the source of their strength and faith. Bless them that they may be good leaders and set right examples for academic excellence and outstanding achievement.

Bestow upon us an undeniable sense of gratitude for we know from where all our blessings come.


Alumni Board Committee

  • Chairman: John Reimer ’57
  • Sister Eileen Hinsberger, O.P. ’51
  • Larry Apodaca ’63
  • Helen Barriere ’99

Ex Officio Members

  • Anabel Rodriguez, Principal

Alumni Creed

As an alumni and friend of Saint Michael’s Catholic School, I will at all times and in all places, strive to promote the good name and reputation of such an outstanding school. With dignity, I will demonstrate in my character and demeanor an air of pride that will be noticeable and respected.

With compassion, I will take advantage of every opportunity to speak on its behalf, and assist in any way possible with the efforts of the school, including:

  • Recruiting new students
  • Locating financial resources, and
  • Making myself available for any task at hand.

As a member of “St. Michael’s Alumni Association,” I will make every effort to attract other alumni and friends of this school to join us in assuring the success of inner city children to achieve their dreams and goals.