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Give Time

Help our school by becoming a volunteer. It is a great way to get to help our school thrive and to make new friends. Volunteers are the heart of our community and are essential to the success of our school. We are grateful to our generous volunteers for sharing their time and God-given talents with us.

All volunteers who work with students must be VIRTUS trained.

If you are interested in getting involved, please call the Office at 323-752-6101. We can always use a helping hand. Some areas where we need help are:

  • tutoring students after school
  • assisting or running after school sports or extracurricular activities
  • beautifying the school
  • serving as a Jr. Achievement volunteer
  • assembling mailings
  • procuring donations for fundraisers
  • serving on a committee
  • helping out at events


Parent Service Hours

40 Hours Per Family

The school cannot function without the support of its families. Service is a means of bolstering the school and the community. Your service helps improve the school while also increasing a sense of community and school pride.

Service hours will be given for items purchased for the school as long as proof of purchase (original receipt) is given at the same time items are delivered. For every $10 worth of items purchased, you will receive a one hour credit.


Service Hour Opportunities

  • Fundraising events
  • Career Day or other school activities
  • Help clean the school, playground and/or classrooms
  • Attend school meetings and parent education classes

All parent service hours hours must be completed by the end of May. Any hours not completed by the May 29th will incur a $10 fee and will be billed to FACTS.