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Our Parish

Fr. Roberto Rueda

Beloved Community of Saint Michael: the grace of God be with you all!

Just a few months ago I came to Saint Michael’s and I am already in love with this community. I love the Parish! I love school! I love the groups!

Little by little I am becoming familiar with the facilities, operation, and programs, but above all I am learning about the people. There are wonderful people here! We have a good staff in the church and the school, parishioners are very friendly, and the students are great. In addition, there are many people outside of our parish who collaborate with us and support us closely. Together, we are building this family and community of Saint Michael. Thank you all!

Thank you, also, to Bishop David O’Connell (our dear Father Dave)!  He has been a good shepherd who with his love and enthusiasm has guided us for more than 12 years. His legacy and inheritance is magnificent and impels us to continue working in this new era. May God bless you, Bishop David!

And here I am also “newcomer”.  I come with a lot of enthusiasm to serve this beautiful community and I am at your disposal. I have a lot to learn and I ask your forgiveness for this and for your patience.

God bless you all and may his blessings be upon you and your families.

Father Roberto Rueda

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Church Information

St. Michael's Church

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Saturdays: 4:00 - 5:00 PM

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Please call the Rectory

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Office Hours
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Church Administration

Father Roberto Rueda

Rev. Stan Bosch, S.T., Psy. D.
In Residence