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Handbook & Forms

The following forms are for enrolling your child at St. Michael’s School.

School Application & Tuition Assistance Forms

2020-2021 School Application2020-2021 CEF Instructions-Eng and Span2020-2021 CEF Cycle 3 Application-English2020-2021 CEF Cycle 3 Application-Spanish

The St. Michael’s Handbooks include both school and Archdiocesan policies. Families are expected to read the Handbook and return the signed Acceptance of Parent Handbook agreement form.

Parent Student Handbook

2023-2024 Handbook http://handbook.la-archdiocese.org/schools/8700/chapter-2/section-2-0

Please complete the start of school year forms below and return to the school by August 30. Thank you!

Household Census medication_authorization_and_permission_form ParentalPermission_Access_to_the_internet ParentalReleaseNonCommerical_English ParentalReleaseNonRelease_Spanish St. Michael’s English Consent St. Michael’s Spanish Consent StudentInternet_Contract TECH CONTRACT ipad TECH CONTRACT Transportation Release Form Use_of_Electronicdevices_schools_en

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